Aug 1, 2023 | AC, Age, Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner System, Brand, Condenser, Lifespan, Manufacture Date, Model, Namplate, Online, Outdoor Unit, Serial Number

Have you ever wondered how old your air conditioning is? It’s not uncommon for some homeowners to not know this information offhand. Maybe you moved into your current home and were not provided with any information about it, or perhaps the paperwork you did have mysteriously disappeared not long ago.  It happens!  

Although it may seem like unnecessary information to know, it’s actually very valuable information for homeowners. This is because air conditioners generally last for around 15-20 years, and that depends on how well-maintained they are. So, knowing the age of your own air conditioner is important information we think every homeowner should know. That way, if your current AC is no longer cooling the home as fast as it once did, or maybe it is even showing signs of inefficiency, you can be aware and prepared to act as necessary. 

Try using the following steps from your Bexley Heating & Cooling experts that you can use to determine the exact age of your air conditioner:


The easiest and first thing you should do is look for the manufacturer’s date on the unit. Generally, each condenser will have a nameplate positioned on its side. (The condenser is the huge metal box that is positioned on the side or backyard of your house.) Once you have located this nameplate, try checking the upper right corner for the manufacture date. It is usually listed in this corner. Typically, the manufacture date you’re looking for will be listed in this area and should say MFR DATE. However, every unit varies, so if it is not listed or you can’t find it, you may have to utilize your investigative and proceed to the next step.  


If you can’t pinpoint the MFR DATE on the nameplate, then write down the unit’s brand, model, and serial number, which should all be listed on the nameplate. As an easy tip, you can snap a quick snapshot of the nameplate instead. Then put this info into any search engine online, adding the words “manufacture date” at the end. Click “search”, and voila! With some luck, a website will generate and provide directions on how to decode your specific cooling unit’s manufacturing date (A.K.A. its age). Great job! 

Hopefully, this has guided you to figure out how old your air conditioner is, but if you still haven’t been able to find its age for whatever reason, we can help with that! Any one of our highly trained technicians can help you determine its age during your next seasonal maintenance appointment. We’d be more than happy to help no matter what your need is!   

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