Residential Air Conditioner & Cooling System Maintenance Services in Bexley, OH

A/C maintenance isn’t something an HVAC contractor promotes to make money. But, believe it or not, preventative maintenance is something we at Bexley Heating & Cooling emphasize to help the customer out and keep their equipment intact for the homeowner’s benefit. Not only does maintenance keep a customer’s warranties active on newer air conditioning systems. It also makes cooling equipment last a lot longer, enabling it to perform better at lower costs while also reducing wear and tear on equipment and preventing other issues such as unforeseen breakdowns.

As part of A/C maintenance, we perform an AC Tune-Up + Check Out and inspect your entire system, from top to bottom. Not to mention that our Scheduled Maintenance Agreements (SMA) offer HVAC maintenance at a discounted rate. If necessary, we replace the air filter, validate installation quality, ensure correct operation, check for wear and tear, calibrate the thermostat, and survey safety controls.

Residential AC Maintenance in Bexley, OH

4 Benefits of Regular A/C Maintenance

Keeping Warranty Active

If your home cooling system is still under an active factory warranty and you fail to have it serviced by a professional for even a single year, that warranty becomes a worthless piece of paper. This is because the air conditioning equipment manufacturers also recognize the importance of maintenance performed by a NATE-certified professional. Therefore, they mandate it be performed every year in order to keep warranties valid. If not and something happens, if a part fails or malfunctions and the system wasn’t properly serviced, the homeowner is out of luck.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

During a routine service call for maintenance, they clean out particles that collect within the AC system and get trapped there — things like pet dander, dust, dirt, and grime. If not addressed, this stuff can eventually travel into a homeowner’s ductwork, where it builds up where it can get circulated back into the home in the air you, your loved ones, and guests breathe.

Energy Efficiency

An A/C tune-up includes the cleaning, optimization, and inspection of the whole system, including checking the fan blades, motor, cooling coils, and other related equipment. This is all essential stuff that directly affects the A/C’s level of efficiency and performance. With the coils and some of these other parts getting regular service, the system can provide cooler temperatures easier, which reduces overall energy consumption — even as the temperatures outside continue to increase.

Prolong A/C Service Life

Who doesn’t want to make their A/C unit last as long as possible? Maintenance enables a home cooling system to work efficiently while increasing its service life when performed regularly by a certified professional like Bexley Heating & Cooling. When you calculate the cost of taking out your old and replacing it with a new air conditioner, you’ll see how and why maintenance has such massive long-term payoffs.

If you’re experiencing issues with your cooling system in Bexley, OH, don’t hesitate to call. We’re ready to help!

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Avoid AC Emergency Situations with Preventative Maintenance in Central Ohio

Seasonal maintenance on an HVAC system is sometimes compared to getting a checkup with a dentist or doctor, or more so like having an automobile’s oil changed or getting a tune-up and servicing. This is because A/C maintenance enables one of our state-certified HVAC technicians to optimize the home cooling equipment, ensuring it’s in the best possible condition heading into the home cooling season. Bad components are identified and replaced before they cause further damage to other equipment and inhibit the A/C’s otherwise smooth and efficient functioning, which keeps you cool at a lower cost. Preventative measures like our services save homeowners discomfort and stress in addition to money in the long run.

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Common A/C Maintenance Questions & Answers

Can I do A/C maintenance on my own?
Although we suggest homeowners do things to keep their A/C running smoothly for years to come, there is no substitute for professional maintenance. The following are a few things you can do yourself:

  • Change the AC Filters every couple months
  • Wash the exterior unit
  • Check your home’s insulation and sealing
  • Keep the drain clean
  • Check the overflow pan
  • Keep yard waste, landscaping and plants away from the unit
  • Straighten the fins
What happens if I don't service my air conditioner?
Although the mechanical parts of the air conditioning system will continue to work, and A/C that doesn’t get serviced every year loses cooling power. Additionally, the system will start to sustain damages that can become expensive. These damages generally result in higher repair costs, the replacement of certain parts, and premature system failure.
How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced by a professional?
Please don’t pay too much for this vital service when you have friends at Bexley Heating & Cooling that offers specials on A/C maintenance with Scheduled Maintenance Agreements and referral incentives that can make it free. Otherwise, the average cost of an annual tune-up with the other guys can run anywhere from $150 to $400.

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